What we the staff, like and admire about

Person Centred Day Opportunities


  • Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere


  • Willingness of everyone to participate


  • Camaraderie


  • Being with likeminded people

  • Open minded

  • Diversity of our group

  • Great commitment from everybody

  • Friendly atmosphere​

  • The energy and dynamics of an enthusuastic
    group of people working towards a better tomorrow, creating an enjoyable, safe environment where everyone is equal

Health & Safety


Physical conditions in each centre promote and safeguard the health and safety of everyone.


A senior manager is responsible for the overseeing and monitoring of health and safety issues.



Equal Opportunities


Person Centred Day Opportunities provides equality of service for all its individuals, regardless of status, age, religion, race, culture, gender, ability, language or sexual orientation.


Every person has a fundamental right to be respected as a unique individual!