Our Philosophy

Our philosophical thinking expects our service to be responsive to the needs of people that use the service, rather than prescriptive in the types of service offered.


These principles are reliant on our providing individualised funding packages within our organisational capacity to design and deliver bespoke services.


We believe that we must record, enquire into and celebrate together something the person sees as an achievement, something they are proud of. We hope that this will help us learn with the person more about what is important to them, what is likeable and admirable about them, what makes really good support for them, by thinking about what is happening when they are achieving things, when they are at their best.


At Person Centred Day Opportunities we believe that it is focusing on the persons gifts, skills and achievements that helps provide the energy and ideas to overcome this exclusion and help the person win back control over the direction and quality of their lives.


We believe it is essential that we make a commitment to strive for a person centred approach in all of our activities, such as recruitment, staff training, business planning and management.

We always strive to:



  • Build quality into all our support plans

  • Apply what has been learnt in practice

  • Look at good and bad outcomes

  • Listen to the results of support plans

  • Ensure that the highest standards are maintained and built upon

  • ​Measure what we have learned

  • Promote the good practice we learn

  • Maintain standard by which to improve

"It is so important for him to

attend PCDO as he needs a safe, regular, caring place that he and we can trust and rely on, also that he can enjoy"